Friday, May 15, 2009

The Commissioners Lounge

This is the Commissioners Lounge of SaBALAI Bistro. Serving as a waiting lounge, it can accommodate 4 to 7 persons. Leather cusions and rattan chairs are positioned on the right side. An oversize Tagbanua basket stand erect with two harvest gods guarding the entrance. This is a non-smoking area, a Maranao wooden bowl with a glass top is the center piece of this space. Feel free to peep inside the bowl-table where clam shells from Maasim are hidden as treasure finds. Visit at 476 Jose Abad Santos St., Koronadal City. We are a theme restaurant specializing on steak, pasta and east asian cuisine.

1 comment:

  1. Classy, with ambience unmatched by any restaurant in the city.
    Even the selections of food offered will surely satisfy local and foreign tourists alike. It is impressive to say the least.
    City residents wanting a taste of European or American foods need not embark on an expensive travel tour for this quest, one simply visit Balai Bistro and presto!...a taste of Europe or America.

    I will surely pay Balai Bistro a visit on my next trip to Koronadal city.